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Armenian migration

The #Hamidian#Massacres (the late 1800s) and Armenian #genocide (early 1900s) were the first major waves of Armenians to the United States. They traveled from #Russia, #Lebanon, #Syria, #Iraq, #Iran, #Egypt, and #Turkey. The Armenian migration continued through the 1990s after the dissolution of the Soviet Union for political and economic reasons. The last major wave of migration of Armenians to the United States began during the 1980s in part due to the #Nagorno-Karabakh, or #Artsakh, conflict with #Azerbaijan. Artsakh is a disputed territory that has been a major point of controversy for the #Caucasus region. Artsakh is populated by a majority of Armenians and is historically Armenian, but was given to Azerbaijan by Soviet leadership post- WWI. A recent attack (2020) in Artsakh caused some Armenians to flee to safe space. The City of #Glendale in Southern California (U.S.) has the largest population of Armenians in the U.S. Currently, there are more Armenians living outside of #Armenia than in, with the largest populations of Armenians outside of Armenia in Russia, the U.S., #France, and #Georgia.

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