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Armenian Khachkars

Armenia has a material history and visual culture that reaches back to the Paleolithic era, over the last five millennia Armenian people are expressing themselves through art, mostly carpet sewing, architecture, miniature painting, and sculpture.

The Armenians adopted #Christianity very early as the first country to recognize it as an official state religion,12 years before the Roman Empire did it and therefore inspiration for icons and Armenian miniatures in books helped them developed their own version of Eastern #Christian art. The first great work of Armenian writing art was the translation of the Bible which was called “The Queen of Translations” in new times for its perfection. This early adoption of Christianity can also be felt and seen through their original and unique way of building the churches and monasteries .“A country of rocks” as someone may say has a rich #sculpture heritage.

#Khachkar: “khach” (cross) and "kar" - stone is the symbol of Armenian national culture. So-called cross-stones, the monuments of Armenia are unique and therefore can not be found anywhere in the world. The rich heritage is left by the different empires that existed on the Armenian ground before the modern time, some of them are very ancient, but some of that ancient art is shared among several countries in the region that was part of the Urartian Empire.

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