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11 years of the ongoing Syrian war

The Syrian War marked its eleventh anniversary on March 15, 2022. What started as an uprising against the president of #Syria, Bashar al-#Assad, escalated into a full-scale war whose consequences continue today.

As of March 10, there were 5,702,499 registered #Syrian#refugees worldwide. Western media has portrayed the EU as the primary destination for Syrians, resulting in the imaginary threat of a "#Muslim invasion" that has damaged the image of refugees and their #asylum claims. However, most neighbouring nations have taken on the humanitarian responsibility of aiding refugees—all this despite their economic ineptitudes. As a result, #Turkey, #Lebanon, and #Jordan have received most Syrian refugees fleeing from this conflict.

The international failure to take action has hindered the creation of safe and legal routes for Syrian refugees to escape from the conflict. This has tragically added to the number of casualties resulting from this War in deaths in the #Mediterranean and other dangerous passage routes.

While considering the current events, this day is a sad reminder of the human cost of War and the repetition of history. Russia's recent offensive against #Ukraine mirrors the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria. Moreover, Russia's intervention on behalf of Bashar al-Assad turned the conflict against the rebels, ensuring the continuation of the Baathist regime, which effectively strengthened Russia's influence in the region.

The "necessity" for Russia's re-invasion can be attributed to the #Kremlin's fear of anti-governmental uprisings. These include the Ukrainian revolution that led to the annexation of #Crimea and the military intervention #Donbas region loom in the background of current events.

On this anniversary, we must be reminded of the world's commitment towards refugees and the failings of most nations to meet their resettlement pledges and abide by human rights and international agreements.

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